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Forged from 50 Years of Passion


Hello and welcome to Alan Entwistle Guitars. For over five decades the UK’s very own Alan Entwistle has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for many of the most respected guitar brands in the business, specializing in the fields of guitar design, production and quality control, whilst all the while developing a profound skill for guitar pickups and circuitry. After years spent working in many different locations across the world, from China to Australia, New Zealand to India and everywhere in between, Alan has been able to immerse himself in many different musical cultures and genres in the quest for the ultimate tone. After many years of innovation and dedication to the music industry we believe that it was high time that we bring together all the best elements of Alan’s previous and continuously evolving ideas stamped clearly and deservedly with the name of the man that has brought great joy and great tone to thousands of musicians around the world.
We are proud that we are now able to start bringing you Alan’s own personal Elite range of guitars

Meet the BRIT PACK

Alan Entwistle  


Born in Darwen, Lancashire, Alan’s experience in the guitar world spans over 5 decades. Alan has worked and designed for some of the biggest guitar brands in the industry and as a result has an encyclopaedic knowledge of guitar history, guitar design and all its components. Alan is very much hands on when it comes to the product, spending 11 months of the year on site in our factory in China overseeing all aspects of production from the selection of materials to the final quality control inspection. Alan has an exceptional skill in guitar pickups and circuitry and is considered to be one of the greatest minds in his field of expertise. Some of Alan’s favourite artists include The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Derangers, Pink Floyd, Wood Burning Savages and Mike Oldfield.

René Pluck

Heading the UK branch of the Alan Entwistle Guitar project is Stevenage born René Pluck. René has a wealth of experience of frontline customer service as well as exceptional craft and design skills in both metalwork and woodwork. René has spent many years living in the Netherlands and France and as a result can communicate in both Dutch and French, some German as well the native English tongue. An avid guitar fan, René has been playing for over 40 years and his influences range from Dire Straits and Santana to Gary Moore, UFO, Scorpions and Pink Floyd.

Kevin Lee


Kevin has worked within the music industry for over 20 years in all aspects of the supply chain, from retail and customer service, to warehousing, distribution, manufacture, logistics, purchasing and foreign currency. Cardiff born Kevin has been involved with the distribution of some of the world’s most popular musical instrument brands as well as being a key element alongside Alan Entwistle in the revival and recent success of the Revelation Guitar brand. Kevin plays both guitar and keyboard and his influences range from Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and Circus Maximus to Seventh Wonder, Mike Oldfield, Arena and Vangelis.

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